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Nobody wants a virus, except in advertising. The timing or chance of any message going viral can be unpredictable but when it happens, it is powerful. In this day and age when everybody is bombarded with information on a daily basis, it is those viral messages that stick in our minds, as we get to hear and/or see them repeatedly. 

Viral messages can be wanted or unwanted, purely accidental or carefully orchestrated. In the world of advertising, achieving viral status has become the holy grail of success. No traditional form of advertising can compete with the incredibly high efficiency that advertising gone viral can achieve. Today’s online environment is an especially fertile ground for viral type of message spreading due to the nature of existing video channels and social media networks.

In Germany, Berlin’s public transport company BVG has been booking great success over the past year with its advertising campaign WEIL WIR DICH LIEBEN (because we love you) which was created by agency MamaPapaCola. Using traditional advertising channels like billboards and print media next to online media, it has now landed another coup with its most recently launched music/advertising video that went viral like a wild fire here in Germany.

BVG01WEIL WIR DICH LIEBEN (because we love you) campaign for Berlin public transport company BVG
One of a series of billboards which were hanging inside the subway stations in Berlin. This one says –> “Not even your mother would pick you up at 4:30 AM”

Most recent video released by BVG featuring the popular underground musician Kazim Akboga. With the theme of IST MIR EGAL (I don’t care), this video wants to show that BVG is very open minded towards race, sexual orientation and habits. As long as you have a ticket we love you. This is a very timely theme as the world is becoming more and more mixed. In order to live together we need to be open minded. Berlin has such an open minded atmosphere and BVG is now using this theme to show their openness towards their customers.



TJ Bruder

TJ Bruder Berlin Office

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