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Office days are not gone but but for sure the way of working will change more and more as time passes. Sure, the bigger the company the more managing has to be done, managing of schedules, keeping track of goals and deadlines. However, the new efficiency in getting work done in a productive and innovative way, with new ideas and more novel results, certainly involves more decentralised working.

Decentralized working, SOHO, working at home, working from a cafe, hybrid models – partly in partly out of the office, working while traveling the world… you get the point I think. Being connected 24/7 through digital highways that cross our pathways left and right make all of this possible. Within this decentralized working jungle there has been a buzzword created, mostly by the few start-up hubs around the world, Berlin being one of them – CO-WORKING.

Co-working has been predominantly flourishing in urban centers around the world where there is a large community of freelancers, often creatives, journalists, etc… Instead of working at their kitchen table with one hand in the fridge, they now flock to the many cool co-working spaces that have mushroomed all over town. They range from basically cafes with plenty of outlets and strong coffee to more organised hybrid spaces that act as traditional offices with the opportunity to mingle and communicate with other companies and freelancers. An interesting development that will surely evolve from here.


As if Co-Working within one city were not enough, there is another trend – Co-Working holidays! Mostly for freelancers without family responsibilities, they travel the world spending 3 months in Bali, then Berlin, Barcelona and wherever the next flavour of the day will take them.

Image From coworkingholidays.com

This isfsurely not for everyone and for big companies a more rigid office culture will remain for a long time, but even for the big and conservative, this development might have some form of influence on the future working culture.

How do you work?



TJ Bruder

TJ Bruder Berlin Office

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