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Until not too long ago, many if not most people thought of SEO as the work of robots – they were right! So called crawlers of search engines like Google scanned the world wide web according to a seemingly gazillion parameters. Due to its non-transparency and secrecy surrounding these parameters many SEO gurus were born, some successful, some not, all of them claiming to know the secret SEO sauce. Quite a few engaged in dubious SEO practices dubbed as grey or even black hat practices, out to trick the SEO robots. Trying to propel one’s website to top SEO rankings became a game – a very serious game!

Knowing that basically only the top 20 search results really counted, the SEO game had many heads spinning, trying to gauge the best mix of Meta Tags, Key Words, Content and other factors which many were just guessing as the search parameters were as secret as the recipe for Heinz Ketchup. However, some really succeeded in getting great results, only to drop in rankings after parameters got adjusted. The old and highly fought over SEO game has ended, though, as some of the parameters were pulled out of secrecy and robots are being complimented by human SEO rating (secret) agents. These rating guidelines initially leaked into the public but were now officially made available to the knowing public.

Page Quality and Needs Met

Page Quality and Needs Met are at the base of all rating parameters.

Pleasing robots is not only no longer enough but clearly the wrong approach.

It doesn’t come as a surprise but basically this means that a great user experience as well as high contextual relevance are the most important assets should you want to end up towards the top of search rankings inside Google, and let’s face it, good SEO means abiding by the rules that Google sets.

Page Quality does not only refer to design but a modern design does add tremendously to a good user experience, so it is of great importance. More important, though, is compatibility across all devices. Websites need to work well on desktops, tablets and smart phones alike if they want to receive a high rating. To achieve this, a website should be responsive, meaning adjustable to various browser sizes, devices and resolutions.

In order to receive high ratings for Needs Met, content is certainly king. Content that was scraped or merely regurgitated from elsewhere on the web gets penalised – rightly so! Investing in quality content, showing that you know your target audience and your professional well will get you Google brownie points.

The Trust Factor

Last but not least, trust plays a super important role in a highly ranked website. There are industries where trust is more crucial than others, for example in the medical and legal fields. Any website, though, should convey a feeling of trust to the visitor. Trust can be achieved by for example showing who the team behind a site is, who is responsible as well as giving some information on the professional background of the key individuals.

Another highly important aspect are the so called SSL certificates. Having such a certificate means that secure connections from a web server to a browser are ensured. Any website that has such a certificate has a URL which starts with https instead of merely http. As the professional web community likes to see this becoming the standard automatically means that still having a website without SSL certification gets penalised in SEO ratings.

A website is no longer a nice to have but a must have for virtually any type of business. Just as you invest in your office and employees, make sure that your web presence is in line with the current standards of the new SEO game. If you have any questions regarding your website, we would be more than happy to do an analysis of your current site and make a potential proposal of how we can help you improve your web presence, SEO ratings and general online performance.

The old game is over, let the (new) games begin !



TJ Bruder

TJ Bruder Berlin Office

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