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2016 Online Marketing Trends (Part 1)


Every year brings new predictions, new trends. This year is no different and we want to highlight some of these much talked about topics in the online marketing realm. 

Mobile topping Desktop

In 2015 use of mobile devices topped desktop use in some countries already, making it clear that ‘mobile first’ was not only a term often used in web design. When thinking digital these days, one has to not only take mobile devices into consideration but give them priority over anything. To clarify this development, Google updated its algorithms to phase out sites that are not optimised for mobile. This means responsive or even mobile only sites. Desktop traffic is slowly but surely fading away and not only for site structure and functionality is it absolutely paramount to build for mobile, especially marketing initiatives should always be mobile-focused.

Use of Mobile Trends USA 2008-2015

App Indexing

As the ranking possibilities for apps have become more complex in Google search, so have the marketing and business opportunities for apps in general. Mobile focused websites are certainly the perfect approach but developing apps in the future will pose a possibly greater overall opportunity for many companies. Apps have the ability to be even more convenient, intuitive and accessible, so working on some app ideas now will let you position yourself for the days when apps will dominate mobile marketing.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is set to make a splash in the spring of 2016, when the most hyped VR device Oculus Rift is going to be released to the public. With a price of USD 600, the Oculus VR headset will be available, a very high price as many argue. However, the hype is big and only time will tell if VR will be widely adopted, thereby opening up a tremendous array of advertising and online marketing opportunities. For sure many developers are already in full gear developing applications hoping to take advantage of first to market.

heroOculus Rift VR headset

Video Ads

Not that video ads are new. However, as bandwidth and device quality are no longer deal breakers and users getting used to devouring video content by the hours, video ads house plenty opportunity for creative marketing initiatives. In this sea of mostly static content, video is an instant attention grabber and especially for the more professional players in the market that know a thing or two about producing good video content, this is a must area to focus on. However, for any company this should be worthwhile looking into. With a little budget and a skilful partner to produce the content, any company can take advantage of this boom. Static is out – Video is the future!



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