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2016 Online Marketing Trends (Part 2)


We are already in month 2 of 2016 and are hopefully fully on our way in terms of trending developments. One major development over the past years which will tremendously influence trends this year and in the near-term future is the catapulting volume of content available on the web. Since the onslaught of the major trend of using one’s internet presence as a source of media (blogs, journals etc…), the pile of content has been continuously growing at frightening speeds. There is even talk of Content Shock, the phenomenon which makes marketing ones content and targeting the right audience more and more difficult. This will result in new marketing and advertising trends as well as content strategies.


Most are familiar with content marketing and know that it can work. All those white papers, blogs and e-books we write have the potential of actually reaching somebody. How about those “close but no cigar” cases, where users had a look at our content but left without a lead or content being generated? That is what Content Remarketing is for. It is the process of tagging visitors on your site and retargeting them with content after they leave. This gives you the opportunity to talk to people who are already interested in what you have to offer. Show them something awesome and new while they are watching a YouTube video, reading the news or checking their emails.


Reviews by real people usually are the most efficient way to generate leads and buys being generated. Companies should use this more often by letting consumers be the marketers of their brands. By using and sharing customers’ experiences as content using platforms such as Youtube, Pinterest and the like, it is possible to create much more of a buzz than relying solely on one’s own content being propelled into the world through narrow channels.

Let your customers give you a hand by growing your business in ways you have not imagined.


In a saturated content world, one needs to stand out. With static messages, one needs to really create a hell of a visual to turn heads or to have some sticky quality. If you want to give people a real “heads up” and to engross them in your message, your brand, your vision, then think about ways to entertain them, make them want to look! With today’s fast connection speeds and plenty of bandwidth available, videos are a realistic option to stand out. Think of ways to use Video as a story teller for your company.

Let us help you with your Video concepts and production as well as other forms of online marketing campaigns. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 



TJ Bruder

TJ Bruder Berlin Office

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