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50 shades of reality


As we announced during our Online Marketing Trends Part 1 article a few weeks ago, VR (virtual reality) is seeing an accelerated roll out by various players in the market. All the way from high-tech space invaders look-a-like headsets to more rudimentary and low-priced cardboard options, the VR battle has begun.

The uses of this new reality will probably be most suitable for the entertainment but also for the medical world and science realm, VR will slowly but surely make significant headway into our lives. I highly doubt, or better, hope that VR will not add to social isolation making personal interaction more and more irrelevant. We will see, but for now here are some of the early contenders of the new sci-fi layer that is being added to our lives:


1)  Microsoft HoloLens

This is an augmented reality set that compliments reality by showing holograms and visuals that can be only seen by the one wearing this headset. At this moment it serves and is built on a Windows OS only and is more for the professional developer market in the USD 3,00o price range.


2)  SONY Playstation VR

As to be expected, this one is game centered and connected to Playstation 4. It is not compatible with other OS.

3)  Oculus Rift

With the animo of Facebook, this is probably the most famed VR which will hit markets. It is a consumer version VR headset which will ship with a wireless Xbox One controller. Maybe one of the most anticipated headsets at roughly USD 600.


4) Samsung Gear VR

Samsung + Oculus = USD 99 Samsung mobile powered VR experience. Very compact and hooks right into the Oculus App store. Pretty sleek and reasonable investment !


5) GOOGLE Cardboard

The entry level VR experience. For anywhere between USD 10 – 25 you can buy yourself your own first VR experience. Using your smartphone plus Cardboard app you are ready to roll. Plenty of other, more sleek headsets out there now which are made to also use the Cardboard app. Basically a novice model for later upgrades into other model headsets and VR experiences.



TJ Bruder

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