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These days digital beats conventional by a long shot. Digital also means lightning speed access to international markets, something we specialise in when it comes to anything online but also offline. Our newly launched WEB-ON.CLICK website highlights our expertise in anything localisation and online marketing and promotion. 

For starters, when first contemplating international expansion,  just because a concept works in one country, doesn’t mean that it works in another. The world has been becoming much more global, however, cultural barriers are still in play. Markets in different parts of the world have their own dynamics as well as rules and regulations that can strongly affect your globalisation goals. Therefore, validating your value proposition should certainly be at the forefront of every global move.

As part of our localisation services, we certainly put a big emphasis on validating your value proposition. This initial investment can save quite a lot of headaches and money in the long run. For markets that bear a lot of hurdles (geographic, language, culture etc…), this validation process is better done by local experts. For Asia we handle this validation process from our Japanese head office being able to ascertain fairly quickly if a value proposition has true potential. Japan for example is such a different market compared to many western markets, that local validation is crucial. Even many big companies have failed with their market-entry strategies in Japan as they did not properly consider cultural considerations and how they affect market dynamics.

After validation, competitive research and analysis are an important factor when devising the right strategy. All of these considerations and necessary process go far beyond merely translation of content. If the business model and value proposition checks out in a particular market then the slightly more straight forward process of ‘translation’ is in order. Here we look at content and how next to its translation is presented in the most suitable manner. This includes website content and printed materials as well as potential campaigns and the right visual strategy.



The whole process encompasses the following, but depending on the individual needs, not all steps might be necessary.

  1. Validation of Value Proposition
  2. Competitive Research & Analysis
  3. Setting of ‘local’ communication strategy
  4. Translation & Localization
  5. Promotion


All in all looking at global markets requires global thinking but local action and input. We are specialised in localising for Asian as well as western European markets and hope to be able to be your global sparring partner in the future.



TJ Bruder

TJ Bruder Berlin Office

広告デザインや写真技術の教養を活かし制作業界で15年の経験を積み、Textilwirtschaft, JNC, Link Magazine, BBB Bulletin等、ヨーロッパの有力な雑誌のエディターを務める。日本、ヨーロッパの架け橋となるべく2013年川路蒼藝舎の事業へ参画した。日本企業のプレゼンテーションアドバイス、サプライヤーリサーチ、現地アテンドを担当。使用言語はドイツ語、オランダ語、英語、日本語。


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