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Going LIVE on Facebook


This week was a big week for social media fans in Berlin, particularly those of Facebook, as Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg was visiting. During a town hall meeting, facing questions from the public, he elaborated on a few interesting aspects within Facebook but that are also very relevant in today’s world of IT and beyond.

Facebook LIVE

Berlin’s townhall meeting with Mark Zuckerberg today, marked the first ever live streamed event on Facebook. It was streamed from Zuckerberg’s facebook profile. However, this functionality will be rolled out to Facebook users around the world in coming months. It shows a growing trend which is moving away from more static content to live content. It allows for a different kind of interaction, a more heightened dynamic and atmosphere, and really fits in with the lightning speed of consuming content as a whole. How will this functionality be used in the future? Will it become abused by sensationalists? Pros and Cons with any new service or functionality – for brands, however, this will also open new avenues for creative interaction with their audience.

Artificial Intelligence

As a huge wave of migrants has been sweeping through Europe in the past year, social media was often the focus of hate speech and negative propaganda. The tough balance between freedom of speech and filtering out words of hatred towards humanity has not left Facebook unscathed. Germany, where this debate has been especially big, is now the place of a brand new Facebook office, not a coincidence. Zuckerberg wants to work on improving filters to clean Facebook of racial slurs and hate propaganda, directly from Berlin. One question pertaining to this had to do with artificial intelligence and how this could help to weed out racial speech and actions. AI is already at work here and next to hundreds of human filters employed by Facebook globally, the war against negativity and hate is on. Let’s see how quickly these filters can be tightened. In general, beyond Facebook and social media, AI will prove to bring lots of great innovations to our doorsteps. From the medical circuit to education, we are curious about and looking forward to how it can improve our lives on a global scale.

Social Media for the Good

Next to new functionalities, Facebook’s goal is to keep working on being beneficial to society. Just in recent times, Facebook has shown that it can really step up to the plate with positive and innovative functionality, such as the SAFE functionality giving people in Paris the ability to mark themselves as safe during the Paris terror attacks. It has also provided crowdfunding opportunities during times of disasters, like the devastating earthquake in Nepal in 2015. The list goes on and, sure Facebook is an IT mogul with cash rolling left and right, the visions or making a change are real, though, which is inspiring to see and hear.

For individuals, companies and brands – how can social media be used in positive ways, for our business and for innovation? We are hear to brain storm with you if you are looking for a partner in coming up with your media strategy for Japan, Europe and beyond. 

Townhall Meeting in Berlin, Germany Feb 26, 2016 (starts at Minute 10:30)



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